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Did you know that over our 33 years, OIA has invested over a $350,000 dollars to our mission of improving the character of Orleans?  When you consider we have no overhead in payroll or administration, these dollars are much larger in terms of what we save in taxes.  We have raised this money from contributions from members, businesses and private citizens both year round and seasonal.  We have raised this money from events we have sponsored – most noticeably our Garden Tour and Art of Cooking fundraisers.

So, please continue your support in 2019 – renew or become a donor, sponsor an event or attend a fundraiser.

This website contains a list of all our projects, our Board Members and outstanding Volunteer Corps.

Consider becoming a Board Member or a Volunteer.  We will be glad to meet with you to answer your questions. Email us at

Our meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 9 AM in the Skaket Room at Town Hall and are open to the public.

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Membership Levels

Individual $25  |  Family $35  |  Business $40  |  Patron $50  |  Silver $75  |  Gold $100  |  Platinum $250

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Orleans Improvement Association | | Post Office Box 1584 | Orleans, MA 02653