Board of Directors

Our Board meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month from September through June at 9:00 am in the Skaket Room at the Orleans Town Hall. They are open to the public.

Current Board Members and Officers

Executive Board

Cindy Kadzik  President
Julie Mackie  Vice President
Anne Cross Treasurer
Pam Foss Clerk/Secretary

Board of Directors

Carol Alper
Marcia Bechtold
Jane Chirgwin Historian
Dianne Fromm
Nancy Jorgensen Photography
Ronna Kazarian Publicity/Garden Tour
Deb Kimball
Hannelore Meyer
Patricia Perry Past President
Tina Williamson

Associate Members

Elaine Baird
Joan DeMaree
Terri Dolbec Membership Data Base
Joan M. Koehler
Sue Lynch
Anne Mahoney
Sue McFarlane
Patricia Marti
Janet Taylor

Emeritus Members

Susan Christie Emeritus
Bobbie Thomsen Emeritus
Andre Yager Emeritus

OIA Volunteer Corps

David Dolbec Membership Database
Robert Tucker Photography

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